RtopR Mango Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-Age Remove Dark Circles Eye Care Against Puffiness And Bags Hydrate Cream

RtopR Mango Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-Age Remove Dark Circles Eye Care Against Puffiness And Bags Hydrate Cream 1

RtopR Mango Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-Age Remove Dark Circles Eye Care Against Puffiness And Bags Hydrate Cream

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Name :Mango Revitalize Firming Eye Cream

Net Content: 15g


Moisture nourishing delicate smoothing



Product Features:

Mild moist texture, easy to skin absorption, layer upon layer permeability nourish, give the eye week skin water embellish to caress, to help relieve fine lines due to lack of moisture dry lines, smooth around the eyes, make eye skin delicate, soft, bright eyes brightening,delicate and attractive.

Usage Method:

1.After cleansing the skin, take appropriate amount of eye cream to apply to the eye skin.
2.Gently massage to absorb.


If you find the skin discomfort please stop using.

Storage Condition :

Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight.

Additional information

Brand Name


Number of Pieces

One Unit





Item Type





Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Dark Circle, Anti-Puffiness



Model Number

Mango Revitalize Firming Eye Cream

Country/Region of Manufacture






Certificate Number






Net Content


suitable for skin

all skin










Fade dark circles


Improve Dullness

33 reviews for RtopR Mango Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-Age Remove Dark Circles Eye Care Against Puffiness And Bags Hydrate Cream

  1. A***a

    The cream is well packed, has not yet tried, delivery to perm for two and a half months. Put a cream probe as a gift

  2. T***i

    Very nice and arrived sooner than expected just need to try

  3. D***v

    Pleasant smell, light texture, well absorbed.

  4. I***a

    Light, but at the same time nourishing eye cream.
    Quickly absorbed, without leaving stickiness and greasy film.
    It moisturizes well, and helps to fight with the skin.

  5. Fashnos Shopper

    ❤❤ top

  6. S***a

    In this store I order not the first time. The truth has not yet tried in action. Externally, I liked the cream. Let’s see how it works.

  7. N***a

    I brought the courier straight home in the box, thank you. Packed well. Eye cream is gentle almost odorless. Cream with vitamin C is also gentle in texture and also almost odorless. The serum sticks a little after application, but not long). Cream for the neck and neckline is also almost odorless and tender does not stick. Seller put three probe thank you very much. The rest has not yet tried. I will use and complement the review.

  8. T***t

    I buy in this store not the first time. Nice cosmetics. Excellent Result after use.

  9. K***a

    Cream in a plastic tube with a twist lid.
    Cream white, light texture, with a pleasant aroma. When applied to the skin is perfectly absorbed, does not leave any traces.
    Method of application:
    The cream is applied to cleansed skin eyelids and massage movements rubbed until completely absorbed.
    By effect: Very well moisturizes the skin. Slightly lightens the skin and removes swelling.

  10. V***a

    A Gentle Moisturizing texture of the eye cream is created specifically for the restoration and moisturizing of the skin.
    The action of the cream is aimed at reducing wrinkles, getting rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
    The cream has a light texture, absorbed almost instantly.

  11. o***o

    Thank you received, delivery month and 10 days, the cream smells nice, moisturizes well, does not leave a greasy shine. Liked, wrinkles smoothes. As a gift, the seller put the probe.

  12. S***a


  13. o***a

    I really like this line. Cream for the skin around the eyes for the first time, I will complement after use. The tube is small, like all means for the eye area

  14. L***a

    Delivery month. As a gift put the probe-thank you!

  15. Fashnos Shopper

    thank, the product was just right like the picture. great job

  16. m***n

    I like it very much because I haven’t cried my eyes, it seems a little oily but when it is integrated it stays very soft,. I like it highly recommended. The effect is seen within a month

  17. L***a

    The product came quickly and with a similar packaging-in mica and in a branded cardboard box, on which there is everything that we are interested-shelf life (in order), weight (15g), composition.
    The product is produced in a small tube with a tightly screwing large lid,
    The product is white and absolutely neutral both in aroma and texture-not oily, not liquid. Everything is as it should be-it is convenient in application and promotes economic consumption.
    Acquisition is happy.

  18. M***z

    perfecto, ya veré cuando la pruebe

  19. A***a

    The goods are securely packed. It’s been three weeks before the day. Shelf life is fresh, until November 2022! Pleasant consistency, no stickiness, absorbed quickly. About the results early to speak, because I use a few days. If there’s any change, I’ll unsubscribe later. As a gift from the seller received a probe with emulsion. Thank him for this little surprise!

  20. N***N

    Восхитительный крем для глаз от любого бренда .
    Мягкий , нежный , совершенно не жирный.
    Крем имеет замечательный состав.
    Я пользуюсь им регулярно, покупаю уже 3ий раз.
    Отличное увлажнение и питание . Кожа вокруг глаз выглядит замечательно.
    Никакой аллергической реакции.
    Имеется на упаковке состав и срок годности.
    Коробочка запаяна в плёнку, можно смело брать на подарок.

  21. A***a

    беру не первый раз! очень нравится.

  22. T***a

    The goods were delivered without damage. The seller put a gift-a sample of the cream. Thank you!

  23. G***a

    Delivery month
    The cream is gentle, absorbed quickly, but does the light bags under the eyes show time

  24. Y***k

    Very long delivery. ordered 11.11.2020 a received 12.01.2021 but the seller put a gift (probe) for this thank him. and the goods itself are very good wife very satisfied.

  25. I***o

    It’s about

  26. N***k

    The order went to Moscow for more than a month, not yet used, put a small probe face cream, thank you!

  27. N***h

    Delivery almost 2 months has not yet used then I will add a comment

  28. F***v


  29. Y***a

    Everything is fine, the seller even put a cork, I recommend

  30. A***a

    Cream is white, medium consistency, with a barely conceivable aroma. Applied and distributed to the skin easily.
    I have dry skin especially under my eyes, so I’m without cream just nowhere. This cream perfectly approached me, moisturizes the skin well.

  31. S***a

    Goods received. I’m starting to test.

  32. n***o

    Думаю, хороший крем! Спасибо

  33. a***r

    Went long, packed well, put the probe, the smell is pleasant. I recommend the producer.

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